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As the No. 1 source for an authoritative perspective on the Nigerian-African community, Now in its Launching Edition, EMAGES highlights crucial issues in a way that shapes thought, ignites conversation and serves as a call to action for Nigerians – Africans. On our pages, you will find our best thinkers, our trend setters, our hottest celebrities and our next-generation leaders. EMAGES ignites conversation, promotes empowerment and celebrates aspiration. Available nationwide on newsstands. In addition to celebrating examples of success, EMAGES also offers readers the tools they need to achieve their own personal best. EMAGES is the heart, the soul, the pulse and the identity of a true African-Nigerian.


EMAGES.info is the premier online informative magazine destination for African – Nigerian cultural insight, news, and perspective. An inviting charged, and interactive experience, EMAGES.info is a community-powered site for hot topics and trends, advice, critical conversation, and the best in entertainment and breaking news on African life. Through original reporting and pointed analysis, EMAGES.info reflects the heritage, diversity and broad spectrum of our daily thought and opinion within the African-Nigerian community. It captures the laugh-out-loud humor of our online audience with a fresh and intelligent point of view and provokes and inspires dialogue connecting all points of the African-Nigerian world. Also visit our sister site at www.lifemag.com. Admire EMAGES on Instagram.com, like EMAGES on Facebook.com and talk to EMAGES on Twitter @emagesmagazine